Welcome to our class blog! Keep an eye on here to find out what we've been getting up in Third Class! 

Jingle all the way!

It was starting to look a lot like Christmas in the days leading up to the hols! The boys were busy making Christmas cards and decorations, including these cute lollipop snowmen which we used to decorate our classroom Christmas tree! We also did a Secret Santa, and the boys and I were surprised at how many boys were able to keep it secret until the very end! Well done boys!

Science Week!

The boys showed that they are all bright sparks during Science Week! After successfully assembling electrical circuits and achieving the “lightbulb moment”, they explored different materials to see which ones were conductors of electricity. Great fun! They also enjoyed a visit from a real Scientist, where they had to put their heads together to come up with a cure for a bee sting!

Happy Halloween!

Things were looking a little spooky in Ardilaun 3 this week, with all sorts of creatures turning up for school on Thursday! The boys made some disgusting-looking eyeballs; luckily made with yummy ingredients! We may have scared some of the locals as we walked to St. Anne’s park, where there were some strange-looking soccer players running about on the astro! Well done on all the brilliant costumes! It was extremely difficult to choose, but the prizes for best costumes went to Ruadhán, Alex D, Dara F, Craig and Archie! Super effort, well done guys! Have a great Halloween!

Up the Dubs!

Scoil Assaim had a special visit from two of the Dublin players and the Sam Maguire this week! The boys dressed up in blue to welcome Brian Fenton and Brian Howard, both past pupils of Scoil Assaim! The boys got to ask the players some questions and see them try some football skill challenges set by the 6th Class boys! A great day for Scoil Assaim!


The boys made super smoothies using the blackberries they picked at the farm! They blended bananas, yoghurt and apple juice with the blackberries to make these delicious purple drinks! We looked at the food pyramid and talked about the ingredients we used, which were mostly very healthy! Great job boys!

Farm Trip!

The boys had a great trip to the farm this week! With wellies on, and their new friend Leyla the dog following closely behind, they explored the fields in search of blackberries! They picked so many! Lunch in the haybarn was followed by obstacle courses, welly throwing and more hunting…this time for conkers and apples! Crunchie, the very old pony, was sparkling after the boys gave him a good groom! Check out the photos to see what they got up to!