Where: Room 3

When: Thursdays (2.30- 4.00 pm)




Explore paint, crayons, clay, string, wire, paper and lots more, in ways you never thought possible!!!




Art Club has taken Scoil Assaim by storm! 

Every week the boys eagerly participate in creating lots of magnificent masterpieces, each with a stamp of their own individuality! 

Take a sneak peek here at what the boys have created so far!


May - June Art Club:

Week One:

What a fun start to our May - June Art Club! The boys  got stuck in to the messy job of pasting paper and tissue onto their balloons. This was the first step in the process of creating paper mache hot air balloons! Great team work boys! 



Week Two:

 It was time to add a splash of colour to the hot air balloons this week! We also got started on some exciting newspaper sculptures ... to be completed next week! So much art in one session  - well done boys!

Week Three:

 The painting continued this week as the boys made their newspaper sculptures look more like trees!

Week Four:

For our last week of art club the boys completed their masterpieces! Hot air balloons hovering over trees! We loved how each one was completely different from the other, with lots of creative designs and decorations! Well done boys! 

March - April Art Club:

Week One:

We got straight down to business on the first week of our March-April art club! Our first activity involved using colourful plastic beads to create some funky decorative bowls! Once the boys had placed the beads carefully into Pyrex bowls to create their bowl shape, the bowls were placed in the oven. The effect of the heated beads fusing together was great!



Once the bowls were all set to go, we got stuck into our next project! The boys learned about the pop artist Andy Warhol and had a look at some examples of his colourful artwork. They then started to plan their own Andy Warhol-inspired hand-print paintings! Everyone had great fun getting their hands dirty for step one of this project! Tune in over the next few weeks to see how these turn out! 


Week Two:

Happy St.Patrick's Day everyone! The boys were just in time making these St.Patrick's Day badges. They cut out their shamrock shape from cardboard, and then used a variety of collage materials to decorate it . There was just one rule...green only! It was great to see how each badge turned out differently, as the boys each chose different shades of green and textures for their unique St.Patrick's Day badge!  Hopefully they got to show off their creations at the festivities over the weekend!

Week Three:

This week it was time to complete our Andy Warhol-inspired art! The boys created colourful pop art posters using the hand-print paintings they had made in Week One. They chose their colour pattern, outlined the hand-prints carefully, and then painted the backgrounds. The results were fantastic colourful pop art posters - well done boys! 



Week Four:

Art club was a very colourful place to be this week! The boys completed the first step of a two-step project ... to be revealed in Week 5! They used lots of different coloured tissue paper and stuck them to their white paper using the magic ingredient...water! Yes water, no glue involved! You'll have to wait until next week to see what effect this has and what the boys do to finish these interesting pieces of art! 


Week Five:

This week the boys finished their art pieces from last week by removing the coloured tissue paper, revealing a print of the colours underneath! These worked well as backgrounds for their beautiful tree silhouettes which they created using back paper. Nice work guys! Next it was time to make some woolly Easter bunny cards! 

January - February Art Club:

Week One:          

To kick off the January-February art club, the boys each designed and created their own artistic name plate! They arranged the letters of their names on cardboard and added some cool patterns, then used wool to create a raised effect on the letters and shapes, which were then covered with tinfoil. The boys had to feel carefully for their letters to reveal their names, and then brought their designs to life using sharpie pens! 

Week Two:

This week the boys began the process of creating perspective art! They designed, drew and coloured three pieces of art, which they will use next week to create one very interesting piece of art!   Stay tuned to see how their three pictures combine to make a masterpiece!!


Week Three:

The boys were working on stage two of their perspective art projects this week, so lots of concentration and accuracy was required! They carefully cut each of the three pictures they had drawn last week into equal sections, making sure that each section of the pictures was put in the correct place on the background page. They were quick to spot any muddled up pieces and learned that laying things out before sticking was the key to success!! Once they had all the pieces stuck onto the background page, they folded each section to create their cool piece of perspective art! Well done boys!



Week 4:

Who knew that salt could be useful for more than just cooking?! The boys discovered that it can also be used creatively to make art with a difference! They used glue on paintbrushes to draw some funky patterns and designs, and then watched with delight as salt was poured over the pictures and stuck to the glue to create a cool effect! The boys completed the art by carefully 'dabbing' watercolour paint onto the salt, creating beautifully colourful salt pictures! Nice job boys! 

Week 5:

The heat was on as we finished off the January/February art club this week! The boys made fantastic melted crayon pictures by using LOTS of crayons and a fair amount of elbow-grease! The designs and patterns were first drawn onto sandpaper and then the boys watched their pictures melt under the heat of an iron (adults only operating these!). The effect was a cool print of their pictures on the paper underneath. The boys learned that the more crayon on the sandpaper, the better the result! We also presented a fun art prize to the artist of the term...it was such a tough decision as they are all so good, but we eventually decided on Issac who made a great effort every week and always seemed to be having fun at the same time! Congratulations Issac! Thanks to you all for joining us for art club this term - we've really enjoyed it and hope you have too!




November-December Art Club:

Week One: 

Art club has returned this week after our October Midterm, and the boys wasted no time in getting stuck into our next project. The boys happily entered a more 'hands on' and messy project this week creating their own salt dough, and beginning the process of making a Christmas decoration. 

Week 2:

This weeks challenge required great patience and a steady hand. The boys created a cone shape using paper and covered it with foil. They then proceeded to cover the cone with wool or tinsel. The boys used some interesting techniques in getting their cones covered. They are now well on their way to making some fabulous Christmas trees. 


Art club got off to a flying start this week. The boys worked in pairs and individually on creating stunning masterpieces. They focused on line and pattern this week. 

Week Two:

This week was all about adding in the finishing touches. Defining the line patterns with paint, and really making our pictures come to life. 

Week Three:

With Halloween fast approaching we decided to get stuck into a spooky project. The boys are making their own masks which are moulded exactly to the shape of their faces. We used tin foil and masking tape to create our masks. Who would have thought house hold objects like that could be used to make such a spooky creation. Keep an eye on the blog to see the finished product.  

Week 4: 

The focus of week four was building detail onto our masks; noses, scars, and other details to help them really come to life. 

The final weeks of art club were action packed. The boys spent a lot of time carefully painting their masks, and adding the final touches. The boys also created Halloween lanterns using our special recipe paste. 

This was all going on while the boys patiently await the announcement of 'Artist of the term'. 

Check out the boys wearing their creepy masks below....

If you dare!!