Scoil Assaim Choir 2016

1916-1966  Cómóradh Cuimhne

Scoil Assaim has a long tradition of music in the school.  For many years the school has produced musical shows and participated in large concerts. As far back as the 1960s Scoil Assaim produced full traditional Musical Shows such as Pirates Ahoy in 1965. Photographs of these shows are on view on the school corridors.

Pirates Ahoy 1965

In more recent years our boys have participated in various musical shows including Oliver, Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, to name but a few!  We have been very lucky to have the wonderful dramatic talent of Don Wycherly who has written, produced and directed some fantastic shows here, such as Scrooge, The Mayfly and many others.  The musical and dramatic talent drawn upon and nurtured in the school has been inspirational!  Many of our former pupils have gone on to enjoy music and drama in their secondary schools as a direct result of their participation in Scoil Assaim.  

Our choir has also enjoyed participating in large choral events such The Halleluiah Choir and the Cross Border Peace Proms. These musical events give the boys a very different musical experience, singing with full orchestra and being part of a magnificent choir of many hundreds. 

We are very lucky to have Liam O Connor, a professional musician on our staff. Mr O’Connor forms small instrumental groups every year which perform at various school functions.