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Our Masterpieces! ↓


Abstract Peer Portraits!

Our challenge was to keep our eyes on our partner as we drew them…we also couldn’t lift the pencil from the page!



Clara Lara

The boys had an adventured-filled day in Wicklow when they visited Clara Lara funpark for our school tour! Between swinging on Tarzan ropes, commandeering pirate ships, climbing tree houses, scooting down helter-skelter waterslides, rowing boats and navigating paths through murky lake waters, its safe to say that it was a day to remember!

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, our creepy, creature composers wrote their very own spooky song! We chose the melody of ‘We Will Rock You’ and brainstormed Halloween-themed words which rhymed and fit with the rhythm of the song. We wrote the first part all together and then the boys wrote some verses independently in their groups. As a class we voted for which verse we would include in the song. The competition was very tight but in the end Kevin, Patrick, Matthew and Remi’s creative verse about a bandaged mummy won the vote! Check out our petrifying performance below!

We had lots of fun playing Halloween games! We played snap apple, pin the tail on the witch’s cat, witch pitch, skeleton bowling and we got our faces painted!


Up the Dubs!

The boys were over the moon when the Sam Maguire cup came to visit the school! We had made banners and trophies of our own and were so excited to meet Brian Fenton and Brian Howard.

Tom and A.J. had the opportunity to interview the players and asked them about their scoring records in last year’s championship.

We took photos with the players and the cup and Brian Fenton gave us a night off homework!


Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Armed with our clipboards, we set off for St. Anne’s park for an autumn-themed scavenger hunt. We had to find as many different signs of autumn as we could. We found conkers, horse chestnuts, autumn leaves, pine cones, berries, bare trees and even spotted some squirrels! We also identified the leaves we found by looking at pictures of the trees. We found oak, horse chestnut, birch, beech ash and rowan leaves.

Outdoor Art

For our theme of Autumn, we looked at the artwork of the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We were inspired by how he used nature to create beautiful sculptures . We headed outdoors to make our own art using leaves, stones, sticks, conkers and other natural materials.


Natural artwork by Andy Goldsworthy

The groups made beautiful hedgehogs, trees, squirrels, birds’ nests, a dragon’s eye and even the solar system!


Making Butter!

For our theme of food, we have been investigating farming and food production in the past. We learned all about butter churning and the different techniques that were used. We gave it a go ourselves to see if we could make our own tasty butter in the classroom!

First, we poured the cream into little plastic bottles and began to shake them up. We took turns in our groups to shake the bottles. When we could see the liquid changing to a solid we squeezed out the buttermilk from the bottles. We then had a feast with cream crackers and our very own homemade butter!

Smoothie Making!

Our 2nd Class scientists have been learning about solids, liquids and gases and investigating how materials can change states. We learned how different materials can change state through heating and cooling. We decided to investigate how we could cause some solids to change to liquids through blending and mixing. We linked this with our theme of food and healthy eating by making delicious smoothies!